Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chapter 9: Silly Dumb Heart


The weather outside was warm and bright, just perfect for any kind of outdoor activity. Susan felt a thrill of excitement with each passing moment and her excitement increased exponentially with the thought of shopping in London for the first time. With the uplifted heart, she looked at the yellow sticky post-it, attached in front of her and tried to finish the to-do list before she left. After work, Susan greeted everyone weekend wishes and rushed out with Paul and June for the most awaited evening adventure – dress hunting.
“So, did you think of any good store?” Susan asked June as they walked toward the subway.

I know some promising stores at Oxford Street and, that’s where we are going.” June answered.
“Oxford Street! I heard about it.” Paul added.

In no time, the train for Oxford stationed at Canary Wharf and, they all got on the train. Along with the movement of the train, June turned her gossip on that looked like as though she was pacing with the train and, would stop only when the train halts at the destination. As the train was heading closer to the destination, Susan’s heart thumped with enthusiasm; she could feel the rush of emotion invigorating as she contemplated getting into the classy stores of the London city.
The station was crowded with the weekend rush and, before the train went past the station they were nowhere near the platform. Apparently, Susan’s footsteps wanted to accelerate with the mounting heart rate, but her stature couldn’t keep up with it. June took them to a department store which indeed looked promising to Susan. It was a breathtaking experience for Susan, to explore the stuff she was going to wear for the party. She had never worn something like that before, so she was a bit anxious about the whole thing. While going through the dress racks, she avoided the short length and strapless dresses which, she knew, would make her feel awkward. She made sure June did the same thing and, in order to make the dress selection process quick they decided to look into separate racks. In the meantime, Paul escaped to the men’s wear section until the girls had their mission accomplished.

“Hey June, I think it’s enough stuff we’ve picked out, now I should go try these on.”
“You are right, let’s see which one is going to be a perfect fit for you.” June consented.

It took some time for Susan to try out all the dresses, which she and June chose; and when she came out of the trail room, she wore a Burgundy color, tea length dress with satin lace work on it. She looked for June as she wanted to show it to June, then she heard a sharp, familiar voice from the distance.

Susan wondered and looked around.
“Paul! Where were you?” Susan asked bewildered when she saw Paul walking toward her.

"Well, I was upstairs, I thought I would buy something for myself...so…"
"Have you seen June?" Susan asked before he could finish the sentence.

“I am here. Wow! Look at you...you are absolutely stunning in this dress.” June came over and commented with her eyebrows raised.
“I was thinking I should go with this. What do you say?”

"Definitely….no second thoughts.” June encouraged.
"All right, I will go change and come back.”

Later they headed over to accessories, to find matching jewelry; Susan also tried on shoes that would go with the dress and, found a pair to match both the dress and her jewelry. And by the time they walked out of the store, they were starving; so they went to a nearby fast food center, KFC, and ordered for a fully loaded meal. When they were done, they took a taxi to their respective destinations.


Ratty said...

I've been eagerly waiting for this next chapter in the story. Your style of writing makes it easy and fun to read. My favorite story on the internet right now. I like the way this chapter continues the story and builds anticipation for the next one.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

OMG! I just suddenly realised this is like a book!Great..I'm going to start reading from the start! :)

Is this Elvirah/Rachel,btw?! I'm a lil' confused! :)

Elvirah said...

Hello Jen,

Thanks for stopping by and going through the story and also following this blog as well. I am glad you found the story interesting and that you are going to visit back to read it from the beginning.

And I would prefer to be called as Elvirah :).

Prasoon said...

Engrossing narration. I have read it from chapter 1 to understand whats goin on :) . Im doing the same and was looking for similar blogs for inspirations. Glad to find you. Will read all the posts :) :)