Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chapter 6 : Silly Dumb Heart

The Speaker

Paul and Chris were already there and, also few other team members. The meeting was about the demonstration of a new software application and to discuss the project related issues. All of them were waiting for the speaker and the rest of the team members to come. Paul and Chris were discussing different possibilities to sort out few issues relating to the project; and Susan began doodling, with her eyes fixed, on the notepad.

Slowly the others started to come in and, the room whirred with conversation. While they all were still waiting, Susan heard someone pull the door open and walk past the row. Paul and Chris were sitting in the first row and, Susan was in the fourth row; as the other rows were already occupied. She couldn’t catch a glimpse of the person's face as their seats were facing the white screen opposite. When she looked up to see who it was, she saw a guy walking with his back to her. He was wearing a classic black suit, perfectly fitting; and was holding a notebook. He looked quite young. He walked straight toward Chris, who was sitting close to the screen. They both had some discussion and then he headed toward the screen. Before he could start the presentation, he turned to face the audience. Susan’s eyes narrowed with surprise when she looked at him. He was the same guy who she never wished to see again and, there he was right in front of her. She couldn’t believe that he was the speaker. Of course, he had not done anything wrong for her to feel so, but he became such an easy distraction that she just wanted to stay away from him. Susan had no way, but to look at him throughout the meeting; it was such an embarrassment for her.

“Hello All, I am Jonathan.” He addressed everyone in the room and started with his demonstration.

She tried to be wary in order to concentrate on the presentation and the demo; though there were instances when she couldn’t help staring at his glorious face. As soon as the meeting was over, she hurried out of the door and headed straight in the direction of Ladies room. She went in and stood in front of the mirror wondering what was wrong with her. She was annoyed at her that she couldn’t come up with any ideas and, was there like a dumb doll during the whole discussion. Then she resolved that, at any rate, she must focus on the project. She came out of the room composed and walked to the lunch room to join Paul for lunch. She tried to keep herself busy the rest of the day without giving in to any kind of thoughts.


Ratty said...

Susan has herself quite a problem.

Elvirah said...

Its because Susan's didn't want to understand that somewhere deep down her heart, she was getting attracted to him :)