Friday, December 23, 2011

Chapter 7 : Silly Dumb Heart


Susan spent most of the time, evening, over the Internet, chatting with her family and friends. Later, she and Paul decided to go out for a walk to enjoy the night breeze. They also had to buy merchandise and groceries as they didn’t want to have outside food anymore. They went to a big store that was little far from the hotel they were staying, so that they could get everything they wanted to buy. Besides they also wanted to watch the beautiful city in the night lights and have a pleasant walk. When they reached the store, Susan grabbed a bottle of skim milk, two boxes of corn flakes for breakfast and a large pack of noodles for dinner. Paul picked up a packet of rice and lentils and, dumped it in the groceries carrier. Susan looked at Paul in amazement when he did that.

“Why did you pick this?” She asked mystified.

“It’s because you are missing Indian food.” Paul snickered.

“When did I say so?” She was still dazed.

“In my dream.” He blurted out without thinking.

Now her eyes widened. “What?”

“I was just kidding. But, seriously, I miss Indian food. Don’t you?”

“I do, but…umm…I don’t know how to cook rice and lentils.” She admitted.

“Don’t worry, i am going to make it and, you can learn from me.” He smiled teasingly.

“No, that’s okay, I can survive on noodles.” She sounded hesitant.

“Come on, humor me.” He insisted.

“Alright, but I have one condition.”

“What’s that?” He rolled his eyes, bewildered.

“I’ll do it myself and, you will just give me instructions.” She grinned.

“Okay, done.” Paul sighed and, they both walked to the counter to get the stuff billed.

It was nice spending some time out which seemed to help her crabby mood; and she was off to bed as soon as she came back to her room. Susan could sleep well that night, but the same, last night’s, dream haunted her again; except this time she was very close to the strange person calling her. He was standing with his back to Susan and, as she was about to reach him, her eyes opened. She woke up from dream to daylight, fluttering her eyelids. She lay in bed for a while wondering what that strange dream could possibly mean.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chapter 6 : Silly Dumb Heart

The Speaker

Paul and Chris were already there and, also few other team members. The meeting was about the demonstration of a new software application and to discuss the project related issues. All of them were waiting for the speaker and the rest of the team members to come. Paul and Chris were discussing different possibilities to sort out few issues relating to the project; and Susan began doodling, with her eyes fixed, on the notepad.

Slowly the others started to come in and, the room whirred with conversation. While they all were still waiting, Susan heard someone pull the door open and walk past the row. Paul and Chris were sitting in the first row and, Susan was in the fourth row; as the other rows were already occupied. She couldn’t catch a glimpse of the person's face as their seats were facing the white screen opposite. When she looked up to see who it was, she saw a guy walking with his back to her. He was wearing a classic black suit, perfectly fitting; and was holding a notebook. He looked quite young. He walked straight toward Chris, who was sitting close to the screen. They both had some discussion and then he headed toward the screen. Before he could start the presentation, he turned to face the audience. Susan’s eyes narrowed with surprise when she looked at him. He was the same guy who she never wished to see again and, there he was right in front of her. She couldn’t believe that he was the speaker. Of course, he had not done anything wrong for her to feel so, but he became such an easy distraction that she just wanted to stay away from him. Susan had no way, but to look at him throughout the meeting; it was such an embarrassment for her.

“Hello All, I am Jonathan.” He addressed everyone in the room and started with his demonstration.

She tried to be wary in order to concentrate on the presentation and the demo; though there were instances when she couldn’t help staring at his glorious face. As soon as the meeting was over, she hurried out of the door and headed straight in the direction of Ladies room. She went in and stood in front of the mirror wondering what was wrong with her. She was annoyed at her that she couldn’t come up with any ideas and, was there like a dumb doll during the whole discussion. Then she resolved that, at any rate, she must focus on the project. She came out of the room composed and walked to the lunch room to join Paul for lunch. She tried to keep herself busy the rest of the day without giving in to any kind of thoughts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chapter 5 : Silly Dumb Heart


Trains in London would always be crowded and getting a seat is quite difficult. Sometimes you have to be quick enough to judge which coach you would get on. Though it looks like a little tricky thing in the beginning, getting used to the crowd and rush is definitely not as hard as rocket science.

Luckily Susan got a seat in the train that day and Paul stood next to her seat, leaning against it. For a while, her thoughts flickered to last night’s awful dream. She wished the dream could have lasted little longer, so that she'd had a chance to glance the stranger’s face. While she was still musing about it, Paul interrupted her. She was so much engrossed in her thoughts that she barely could realise the train had almost made it to the station where she was supposed to get down. As soon as the train halted at the station, they both got down and rushed out of the subway toward the office building.

It was her second day at work and, Susan looked quite comfortable with the surroundings. The team members were all so welcoming and friendly which made it easy for Susan to settle down quickly, at the new work place; even the head of the team, Chris, was very supportive and encouraging. They had a nice custom in the team where in one of the team members would get coffee to rest of the team, every morning. They would take turns daily on this practice and, that day Susan volunteered herself to get the coffee. As she was about to make a move, Chris announced an unexpected team meeting all of a sudden and, he wanted all the team members to be present at the meeting in the conference room by eleven thirty morning. It was ten thirty, and she still had an hour for the meeting.

In the meantime, she wanted to go get coffee for all the team members, so she headed to the pantry. As she walked in the room, her eyes flashed on the guy who was at the vending machine trying to pick something. She soon figured that he was the same guy who was talking to Chris the other day. There was something about him that was very appealing and, Susan couldn’t help staring at him like an idiot. But before he noticed her, realising her idiocy, Susan dropped her head immediately. As soon as he left, she quickly grabbed the coffee mugs, filled them with coffee and walked out of the room. When she came back to her desk, she gave out the coffee mugs to everyone in the team. Then she sat down and cursed herself for acting so stupid in the pantry. She wished she would never see him again and, began to work.

While she was busy working, she heard a beep sound. A little window popped up at one corner of the screen; It was a reminder about the meeting that was going to be held in sometime. Chris had also sent an email about the meeting after he made the announcement. She held up the work, turned off the monitor and looked for a notepad and pen. There was a notepad at one corner of the desk which she picked up and grabbed a pen from the pen stand and then headed upstairs toward conference room.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chapter 4 : Silly Dumb Heart

Stranger in Dreams

After reaching the Hotel room, she took a shower and made herself fried eggs for dinner. As she was extremely exhausted, she quickly had it and went to bed early. But she was waking often in between unable to get a sound sleep and fell asleep only in the early hours of the morning.

“Susan….wait” a strange, magical, male voice calling out of nowhere and everything around was foggy and unclear. She could barely see the person calling her, but she knew someone was definitely there standing afar off. She squeezed her eyes closed to figure out a way to reach him.

“Open your eyes…Susan.” The voice was sharp and closer now.

Her eyes flew open anxiously and soon realized she was dreaming. Then she flashed a quick glare on the clock: it was six in the morning. It was time to get up and get ready for work. She got herself ready as soon as she could and rushed to the elevator. Paul was already waiting for her at the reception.

“Hey, Miss Williams.” Paul greeted cheerfully.

“How do you know my last name?” Susan asked befuddled with her eyebrows knit together.

“Where there is a will, there is a way.” Paul seemed amused.

“Oh…really?” Susan grinned playfully, walking out of the reception.

“Yes, really.” He smirked and handed Susan a rectangular shaped card.

“Aww….it is my ID card! How did you get it?” Susan wondered.

“Apparently, you dropped it at the reception yesterday while you were complaining about the dead phone, in your room; and the receptionist gave it to me this morning thinking that I am your...”

“Your…what?” She sounded wary.

“You know she thinks I am your…..colleague, and we work together at the same place.”

“She knows that already.” She snapped.
“Of course, and I am telling you the same.” He smiled wickedly and his voice amused.

Paul Stevenson is a very charming guy, who she came to know only after coming to London. He is quite handsome, cheerful, generous, and a little cryptic sometimes.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chapter 3 : Silly Dumb Heart

First Day

When she was up the next morning, she pulled open the curtains around the window wide and, tried to peek out, watching the London roads. After a moment of amusement, she looked at the clock on the wall. It was seven, and she had to be at work at nine. First things first, she turned the geyser on and took a shower. She then went into the kitchen, to make a bowl of cereal for her breakfast. As she was about to start, she heard the doorbell ring. It was Paul; he brought some sandwiches he made himself. She thanked him for his generous heart and, also for saving her time. When he left, she quickly ate it in big bites, got ready and walked out heading downstairs. Paul was already waiting for her down in the lobby.

It was summer there and, the weather was so pleasant with the sun not so hot and blazing. For a while, she could not believe she was walking through the roads of the great London city. Travelling by train is the most convenient option in London and they have underground stations called tube stations with long escalators to roll up and down. Susan was extremely amazed at the sight of such busy long escalators. It was definitely a dream come true for her to experience everything that was happening around. When they were about to reach the work place, she saw the place was completely surrounded by huge glass buildings. It took her breath away, and she was in absolute awe and wonder. Everything was so different and fascinating; and the experience was truly unimaginable and incredible for Susan.

“Susan?” a voice called loudly.

 Susan turned around to see who it was; Paul was calling her from the distance.

“We are already late. Come on, we got to rush.” Paul insisted.

“Oh, I am sorry. Let’s move.” She muttered.
They headed to the office building in a hurry and when inside the reception they were taken to a room to have their photo taken for the ID Card. When done with it, they rushed to the elevator to reach the work place. On the floor, they met Chris, Head of the team, who introduced them to all of the team members. All went well on the first day; as the day was almost getting over and she was about to wrap up the work, Susan saw someone passing by her. The guy was heading towards Chris and, he looked quite dashing. For a while, Susan could not get her eyes off him.

"I am done, shall we go now." a low voice sounded like a whisper called from behind.

"Umm...Yes." She murmured.

Susan soon realized Paul was waiting for her. She quickly composed herself, grabbed her bag and headed toward elevator with Paul.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chapter 2 : Silly Dumb Heart


Finally, the day arrived when Susan had to leave for UK, to make her dreams come true. All the family members were excited and at the same time bit worried about Susan, as she’d never been on a plane before and she was going alone. However, Susan looked calm and restful about everything that was happening. She was instead very anxious to get on the plane and wondered how it looks like when it is in the air.

“Susan…Be careful dear and take care of yourself very well.” Susan’s mom almost broke out in tears.

"Mom, just don’t worry about me…I am going to be alright.” Susan urged and gave a tight hug to her mom.

"Don’t forget to call us when you arrive at the place.” Her dad yelled.

"Sure dad, will call you.”

She bid farewell to everyone and, quickly walked to the checking and clearance. After that she headed toward the plane. When she finally got on the plane, she glanced around once to believe her eyes that she actually was on board. It was not too late before she realized that plane journey was quite boring, but she kept her spirits up.

When arrived at the destination she was escorted by her colleague, Paul, to the hotel, who already reached there a day before. Once she made it to the hotel, she called up her family to tell that she arrived there safely. Then she freshened up and had dinner that Paul got her. She soon made her bed as she was completely exhausted because of the tiresome plane journey. While she was in her bed, she wished if she could get a day off the next day. As it was not possible, she gave up on the idea and slowly sank into a deep sleep.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter 1 : Silly Dumb Heart

The Phone Call

It wasn't just another usual night. The streets were deadly dark and horrifying, and, one could barely see anything in such dark. The sky was so beautiful with full moon light and, the stars were in alignment, twinkling bright. The dazzling bright sky seemed to be dominating the horrific dark, somehow.

Susan was walking in the dark confused on how to find some light. She fumbled in the dark looking for a lighter and candle. When found she lit the candle and sat down musing; Susan seemed to be anxiously waiting for something. While she still pondered, her eyes flickered on a piece of news that said "Four hour power outage tonight in the city”.  As she was going through the news, she heard the phone ring and, at once ran to get the call before anyone does.

“Hello…” Susan answered.

“Hello, Can I speak to Susan please?” The caller asked.

“Yes, this is Susan speaking." Her voice was careful.
“Hi Susan, Ronald here…How are you?”

“Hi Ronald…I am fine, thanks.” Susan sounded nervous.
“It’s regarding the interview you had with us today morning. Just wanted to tell you that you've been selected for the position and, we expect you to be at our office tomorrow 10:00 am to collect the letter of appointment. Also, we can have a final discussion. "

“Thanks so much, Ronald” She said enthusiastically.
Susan jumped up in joy and excitement. It looked like she wanted to hear that news so badly and, her countenance completely changed in a moment. All the family gathered together and congratulated Susan. Her family members were so happy for her new achievement. They were proud of their daughter, as Susan was going to travel overseas soon after her induction and training program and, she was the first in the family to make it happen. Within a week, she was done with the initial training and stuff and, was all set to fly to London.