Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chapter 3 : Silly Dumb Heart

First Day

When she was up the next morning, she pulled open the curtains around the window wide and, tried to peek out, watching the London roads. After a moment of amusement, she looked at the clock on the wall. It was seven, and she had to be at work at nine. First things first, she turned the geyser on and took a shower. She then went into the kitchen, to make a bowl of cereal for her breakfast. As she was about to start, she heard the doorbell ring. It was Paul; he brought some sandwiches he made himself. She thanked him for his generous heart and, also for saving her time. When he left, she quickly ate it in big bites, got ready and walked out heading downstairs. Paul was already waiting for her down in the lobby.

It was summer there and, the weather was so pleasant with the sun not so hot and blazing. For a while, she could not believe she was walking through the roads of the great London city. Travelling by train is the most convenient option in London and they have underground stations called tube stations with long escalators to roll up and down. Susan was extremely amazed at the sight of such busy long escalators. It was definitely a dream come true for her to experience everything that was happening around. When they were about to reach the work place, she saw the place was completely surrounded by huge glass buildings. It took her breath away, and she was in absolute awe and wonder. Everything was so different and fascinating; and the experience was truly unimaginable and incredible for Susan.

“Susan?” a voice called loudly.

 Susan turned around to see who it was; Paul was calling her from the distance.

“We are already late. Come on, we got to rush.” Paul insisted.

“Oh, I am sorry. Let’s move.” She muttered.
They headed to the office building in a hurry and when inside the reception they were taken to a room to have their photo taken for the ID Card. When done with it, they rushed to the elevator to reach the work place. On the floor, they met Chris, Head of the team, who introduced them to all of the team members. All went well on the first day; as the day was almost getting over and she was about to wrap up the work, Susan saw someone passing by her. The guy was heading towards Chris and, he looked quite dashing. For a while, Susan could not get her eyes off him.

"I am done, shall we go now." a low voice sounded like a whisper called from behind.

"Umm...Yes." She murmured.

Susan soon realized Paul was waiting for her. She quickly composed herself, grabbed her bag and headed toward elevator with Paul.

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