Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chapter 2 : Silly Dumb Heart


Finally, the day arrived when Susan had to leave for UK, to make her dreams come true. All the family members were excited and at the same time bit worried about Susan, as she’d never been on a plane before and she was going alone. However, Susan looked calm and restful about everything that was happening. She was instead very anxious to get on the plane and wondered how it looks like when it is in the air.

“Susan…Be careful dear and take care of yourself very well.” Susan’s mom almost broke out in tears.

"Mom, just don’t worry about me…I am going to be alright.” Susan urged and gave a tight hug to her mom.

"Don’t forget to call us when you arrive at the place.” Her dad yelled.

"Sure dad, will call you.”

She bid farewell to everyone and, quickly walked to the checking and clearance. After that she headed toward the plane. When she finally got on the plane, she glanced around once to believe her eyes that she actually was on board. It was not too late before she realized that plane journey was quite boring, but she kept her spirits up.

When arrived at the destination she was escorted by her colleague, Paul, to the hotel, who already reached there a day before. Once she made it to the hotel, she called up her family to tell that she arrived there safely. Then she freshened up and had dinner that Paul got her. She soon made her bed as she was completely exhausted because of the tiresome plane journey. While she was in her bed, she wished if she could get a day off the next day. As it was not possible, she gave up on the idea and slowly sank into a deep sleep.

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