Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chapter 8: Silly Dumb Heart


The rest of the week went quite well with no more distractions during the day and no haunting dreams at night. By Friday Susan could fully blend in with the team; and June, one of the interns there, became good friends with Susan. June was a very nice girl, with cheerful personality. She lost her mother at a very young age and was brought up by her father since then. They were originally from China, but after her mother’s expiry June's father took a job in London and, they got settled there. June had her boyfriend, Dave, working in the same organization, but in other team; and they both lived together. Susan met Dave only once, who seemed like a perfect fit for June with the same pleasing personality.

It was Friday evening and, there was excitement all around the place at work. Everyone, in the team, was chattering about their weekend plans; and few had already planned to leave early that day.

Chris came over and asked Susan in a casual tone, “Hey Susan what did you plan for the weekend. It is your first weekend holiday in London.”

Susan bit her lip and, after a moment of hesitation, she said. “Well, I haven’t planned anything so far..uh..”

June quickly picked up on the conversation. “Hey Chris, I was going to invite Paul and Susan to my place. I and Dave had already planned up something nice for the weekend and, I want them to be a part of it. It’s just going to be a small party, a get together of few friends.”

“That sounds like a great plan.” Chris commented and, left the place.

“What kind of party?” Susan asked, wondering.

“Like I said, a small get together. Few friends of mine and Dave are going to come over.” June said enthusiastically.

“But they are all strangers…” Susan paused for a second, “and I can’t come to a party where I know no one.” She continued with a grimace.

“You know me and Dave; and Paul would also be there. Besides they are all wonderful people and, it’s nice to be around such a good company. Trust me, you’d love it.” June urged in a voice so convincing and, then turned to Paul. “What do you say Paul?”

“Of course, but... if Susan’s having a.... problem with it, then I am not in either.” Paul couldn’t help but support Susan.

All of a sudden June sounded very firm. “She’d definitely make it because I am inviting her.” then she politely insisted in a soft tone of voice, “It’s going to be really fun Susan, so please say yes.”

“I am sure it is, but… I don’t feel comfortable with strangers.” Susan sounded wavering.

“I promise it won't look like that you are trapped in a room full of strangers. They are very lively people and, you’d feel great being there. ” June insisted again.


“Wow…that’s like a good girl. Paul, it’s your duty to bring her to the party.” June sighed and demanded Paul.

“I am always at her service.” Paul smiled teasingly.

“Now, you shut up!” Susan simpered at Paul.

“But, what am I going to wear? I have no good dress for the party.” Susan frowned.

“Don’t you worry about it; We will go shopping as soon as we wrap up with the work and, I am going to help you buy a perfect outfit for tomorrow.” June spoke with a tone of assertion and, excitement.


Ratty said...

It's usually good when people help someone to get out to social events like a party. I hope it works out well for Susan. Every chapter of the story makes me want to read more.

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oh I get it your blog is a series of story, great

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