Friday, December 23, 2011

Chapter 7 : Silly Dumb Heart


Susan spent most of the time, evening, over the Internet, chatting with her family and friends. Later, she and Paul decided to go out for a walk to enjoy the night breeze. They also had to buy merchandise and groceries as they didn’t want to have outside food anymore. They went to a big store that was little far from the hotel they were staying, so that they could get everything they wanted to buy. Besides they also wanted to watch the beautiful city in the night lights and have a pleasant walk. When they reached the store, Susan grabbed a bottle of skim milk, two boxes of corn flakes for breakfast and a large pack of noodles for dinner. Paul picked up a packet of rice and lentils and, dumped it in the groceries carrier. Susan looked at Paul in amazement when he did that.

“Why did you pick this?” She asked mystified.

“It’s because you are missing Indian food.” Paul snickered.

“When did I say so?” She was still dazed.

“In my dream.” He blurted out without thinking.

Now her eyes widened. “What?”

“I was just kidding. But, seriously, I miss Indian food. Don’t you?”

“I do, but…umm…I don’t know how to cook rice and lentils.” She admitted.

“Don’t worry, i am going to make it and, you can learn from me.” He smiled teasingly.

“No, that’s okay, I can survive on noodles.” She sounded hesitant.

“Come on, humor me.” He insisted.

“Alright, but I have one condition.”

“What’s that?” He rolled his eyes, bewildered.

“I’ll do it myself and, you will just give me instructions.” She grinned.

“Okay, done.” Paul sighed and, they both walked to the counter to get the stuff billed.

It was nice spending some time out which seemed to help her crabby mood; and she was off to bed as soon as she came back to her room. Susan could sleep well that night, but the same, last night’s, dream haunted her again; except this time she was very close to the strange person calling her. He was standing with his back to Susan and, as she was about to reach him, her eyes opened. She woke up from dream to daylight, fluttering her eyelids. She lay in bed for a while wondering what that strange dream could possibly mean.


Ratty said...

A person should always pay attention to a dream that happens more than once. I'm sure Susan is having a lot of trouble trying to ignore her dreams. The story keeps getting better.

Elvirah said...

Absolutely Ratty, i am sure she would realise that one day when the right time comes. Susan jut doesn't want anything to come between her dream career. So let's see what gonna happen next:)