Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chapter 5 : Silly Dumb Heart


Trains in London would always be crowded and getting a seat is quite difficult. Sometimes you have to be quick enough to judge which coach you would get on. Though it looks like a little tricky thing in the beginning, getting used to the crowd and rush is definitely not as hard as rocket science.

Luckily Susan got a seat in the train that day and Paul stood next to her seat, leaning against it. For a while, her thoughts flickered to last night’s awful dream. She wished the dream could have lasted little longer, so that she'd had a chance to glance the stranger’s face. While she was still musing about it, Paul interrupted her. She was so much engrossed in her thoughts that she barely could realise the train had almost made it to the station where she was supposed to get down. As soon as the train halted at the station, they both got down and rushed out of the subway toward the office building.

It was her second day at work and, Susan looked quite comfortable with the surroundings. The team members were all so welcoming and friendly which made it easy for Susan to settle down quickly, at the new work place; even the head of the team, Chris, was very supportive and encouraging. They had a nice custom in the team where in one of the team members would get coffee to rest of the team, every morning. They would take turns daily on this practice and, that day Susan volunteered herself to get the coffee. As she was about to make a move, Chris announced an unexpected team meeting all of a sudden and, he wanted all the team members to be present at the meeting in the conference room by eleven thirty morning. It was ten thirty, and she still had an hour for the meeting.

In the meantime, she wanted to go get coffee for all the team members, so she headed to the pantry. As she walked in the room, her eyes flashed on the guy who was at the vending machine trying to pick something. She soon figured that he was the same guy who was talking to Chris the other day. There was something about him that was very appealing and, Susan couldn’t help staring at him like an idiot. But before he noticed her, realising her idiocy, Susan dropped her head immediately. As soon as he left, she quickly grabbed the coffee mugs, filled them with coffee and walked out of the room. When she came back to her desk, she gave out the coffee mugs to everyone in the team. Then she sat down and cursed herself for acting so stupid in the pantry. She wished she would never see him again and, began to work.

While she was busy working, she heard a beep sound. A little window popped up at one corner of the screen; It was a reminder about the meeting that was going to be held in sometime. Chris had also sent an email about the meeting after he made the announcement. She held up the work, turned off the monitor and looked for a notepad and pen. There was a notepad at one corner of the desk which she picked up and grabbed a pen from the pen stand and then headed upstairs toward conference room.


genny said...

nice post! sometimes our heart is acting silly.. sorry for the late visit..visiting you back..:-)

Ratty said...

I'm enjoying your story. I hope Susan finds out who the stranger in her dream is, but even if it is not revealed I know the story will be good.