Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter 1 : Silly Dumb Heart

The Phone Call

It wasn't just another usual night. The streets were deadly dark and horrifying, and, one could barely see anything in such dark. The sky was so beautiful with full moon light and, the stars were in alignment, twinkling bright. The dazzling bright sky seemed to be dominating the horrific dark, somehow.

Susan was walking in the dark confused on how to find some light. She fumbled in the dark looking for a lighter and candle. When found she lit the candle and sat down musing; Susan seemed to be anxiously waiting for something. While she still pondered, her eyes flickered on a piece of news that said "Four hour power outage tonight in the city”.  As she was going through the news, she heard the phone ring and, at once ran to get the call before anyone does.

“Hello…” Susan answered.

“Hello, Can I speak to Susan please?” The caller asked.

“Yes, this is Susan speaking." Her voice was careful.
“Hi Susan, Ronald here…How are you?”

“Hi Ronald…I am fine, thanks.” Susan sounded nervous.
“It’s regarding the interview you had with us today morning. Just wanted to tell you that you've been selected for the position and, we expect you to be at our office tomorrow 10:00 am to collect the letter of appointment. Also, we can have a final discussion. "

“Thanks so much, Ronald” She said enthusiastically.
Susan jumped up in joy and excitement. It looked like she wanted to hear that news so badly and, her countenance completely changed in a moment. All the family gathered together and congratulated Susan. Her family members were so happy for her new achievement. They were proud of their daughter, as Susan was going to travel overseas soon after her induction and training program and, she was the first in the family to make it happen. Within a week, she was done with the initial training and stuff and, was all set to fly to London.


Ratty said...

You're off to a good start with your story. I like it a lot so far. I write a fiction blog myself, and I also like to read other blogs that do things in a similar way, so I'll try to keep up with your story as much as I can.

Elvirah said...

Thanks Ratty for taking time to visit "Silly Dumb Heart" and dropping by. And thanks for you motivational words, i definitely needed this push up.